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Martha is a London based producer working primarily in short content. When not producing she works as a Production Co-ordinator and Production Manager. She also runs Haze Films along with a DP and director.

Haze Films was built to create powerful content working across many budgets. We have shot for The National Gallery, DDB, The National Trust and many others.

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haze kit hire

x1 Ethernet Cable

x1 Power Cable

x3 128GB Cfast Cards

x1 Cfast Reader

x1 BAP-2 Battery Plate

x1 Beebop V-Mount Battery Adapter

x1 LBS-2 Handgrip Set

x1 Arri Ext-RS adapter cable (short)

x1 Audio connector with bare end

x1 95mm clamp adapter

x1 110mm clamp adapter

Arri Alexa Mini

 x1 Alexa Mini Body

x1 Arri PL Mount

x1 Arri Alexa mini Viewfinder + cable

x1 MVB-1 Viewfinder bracket

x2 MAP-1 LW adapter plate

x2 MAP-2 Adapter plate with Rod support

x2 MSB-1 Side Bracket

x1 BPA-4 Bridge Plate adapter

x2 RMB-3 Rod mounting Bracket

x2 15mm reduction insert

x1 Center Camera Handle

x2 15 mm Support Rods 340mm

x1 BAP-1 Battery Plate

x1 CSP-1 Shoulder Pad

x6 BeeBop Batterys

x2 Beebop Chargers


lmb - 25 set

x1 LMB-25 Basic Module

x1 3 stage filter guide

x3 F4 Filter frame

x1 Top Flag

x1 Tray Catcher

x1 3/8th accessory shoe

x2 Bottom Flag Holders

x5 Mattes

x1 80mm clamp adapter

x1 114mm clamp adapter



Zeiss Standard/superspeeds

x1 16mm Zeiss Standard Speed

x1 32mm Zeiss Standard Speed Mk2

x1 50mm Zeiss Super Speed Mk3


Martha McGuirk

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